Monday, September 29, 2008

So much to do

So Much to do, not enough time in the day. Busy busy weekend. Saturday we drove up to Salem and picked up my step daughter Alicia from Wilamette University then we headed off to Oregon Flock and Fiber and met up with fellow fiber enthusiasts and talked knitting and sheep for about 4 hours as we strolled through the booths and gathered packages. I got some cool colors of mohair locks to use on my mocha momma ladies that will be at my christmas bazaar.
Since I do not get out much Red Robin was a treat for lunch then off to do some shopping. I am so consumed with regular work and the farm that I always feel like a stranger when I go out shopping everything is new....Lots of chatting and fun! We were talking so much I neglected to look at the gas guage and almost ran out of gas~that was funny. Thank goodness Wolf Creek has a 24 hour gas station.
Sunday was just as busy around the farm. I was able to accomplish quite a bit. I was able to get all of the skates for my ETSY shop and my upcoming Christmas bazaar's painted.

And I was able to get the fleece that I purchased at OFFF washed as well as some Alpaca that I had picked up at Blacksheep Gathering in June. Then I had this craving for Pizza so I got that going and used fresh basil leaves and garlic right top of the sauce-yum! It satisfied the crave!

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