Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just an Update

This is a New Santa- all wool, with needle felted trim and beard-A beautiful piece for the holidays this year!

I am sorely behind in blogging. It all started with the H1N1 in October where I lost the entire month of October!!!! I have been on the move nonstop since then with the early Grants Pass Holiday bazaar, then on to North Valley and then Christmas~! We hosted a fabulous Holiday Dinner for 23 friends and relatives. In between was a surprise party for my Birthday (oh boy-my husband got me!)
It is almost January, shearing is coming up with Lambing imminent! One of my favorite times of year. I sent some hides out for tanning-I can't wait until they come back-then I will send out some of the others that are drying in the barn.
Here are a few pictures, some new embroidery designs and the great North Valley show!
Hopefully this year I will be able to get out and do some spring shows. New wool Crafts just struggling to get out of my fingers~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shaniko Wool Gathering

Last weekend we went to the Shaniko wool gathering.
Shaniko is a very neat place to visit-lots of rich Oregon history.
It was a weekend of firsts for me. First time that I towed a trailer (thank you to my brother Ken for allowing us to use his trailer-it sure made it easier for us to carry/unload our gear and somewhere to stay-the microwave and the coffee maker are awesome~not to mention the shower) First time that I have been to that part of Oregon, First wool booth at Shaniko-First time I spun a full roving and plied it into yarn in one weekend! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Mom and Alex visited the Imperial Stock ranch, where the Cloumbia sheep breed originated.

We parked the trailer and I was worried about getting it level-low and behold no leveling required! I did not even have to unhitch the trailer (whew!)

We did park in the shade.......The field was like the surface of the moon. The wind blows in Shaniko, elevation 3344 ft. The surface of the field was lumpy, all the dirt around the grass had blown away leaving clumps. It was cold at night and in the 80's during the day. My sinuses and Mom's eyes show no appreciation for the altitude.

These two pictures are the view that we had. I do not think I could live where there are no trees. We saw multiple coyotes on the trip.

This is the famous Shaniko wool barn. It used to be a lot longer. There is a picture of it in the ice cream shop. in 1901 they shipped 2850000 pounds of wool out of Shaniko-it was the biggest wool shipping depot in the world~! wow~
Anyone want to get married?
Mom tested out the Jail cell
The town (really good ice cream)
The Bank-back when banks did not have to spend a lot
to take care of your money

Here is Ellie, her first experience in a craft booth!
My first real homespun yarn
The three crafters working away
Sunday Morning 8am already working away
Here are some shots of the booth

We were invited to return next year and we might just do that~!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August is coming to a close

And that means the Shaniko wool gathering is soon! We have been immersed in preparing wool, harvesting the garden, canning sauerkraut, salsa and drying peppers.
We had a small break in the weather and then it was HOT for the Josephine county fair. I spent the evenings demonstrating felting at the fair with the spinning group. What an enjoyable time, chatting and answering questions. I felted some new items that I will show here soon.

I became an aunt again..Welcome to the family little Chase!
You can see that summer is coming to a close with this picture of my favorite barn in the valley. It is really dry this year.
We have been harvesting and freezing our corn! It is delicious. We have finally figured out how to grow corn. Well to prepare the soil and water schedule so that it has the best chance to work out! Alex and Alicia blanched and cut 28 cups of corn off of these cobs (minus what we kept out for fresh off the plant eating!)

short post-I have to finish processing a llama fleece on the drum carder before I am off to work early-I have to drop my car off at the dealer so they can work on finding the short that keeps frying the alternator....must be repaired prior to shaniko!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fiber-licious Start to August

This is a fiber filled weekend! I have so many projects going that I may actually loose my mind....wait maybe I already have! I have fleece soaking, fleece that I am skirting, fleece that I am carding and fleece that I am spinning (finally), fleece that I am felting, oh and my embroidery machine is working hard on our overlays for the booth..(I didn't have any summer tablecloths).....you get the idea~
On the wheel:
These are some felted soaps that we are getting ready for our craft booth in Shaniko. Alex is farm sitting this week and took a whole bunch of wool that she carded and dyed and soaps-I cant wait to see what she brings home! And she is producing a line of felted catnip mice.

This is a navajo churro bat that dyed and blended...I call this cherry pie. It is really a pretty color.

So my friend Cindie and I were wondering if you could use a water dissolve-able interfacing to create a felt sheet like the artfelt paper. So I tried it, and it worked!!! I used a embroidery stabilizer called aqua melt. The cool thing is that by using this stuff you can skip the dissolve the paper in hot water step. By the time it came out of the dryer there was no paper left~ Awesome...Now what to make out of this sheet of felt. I used all the left over scraps from the drum carder to make this piece.

Here is another bag I made using the actual artfelt paper.

So a few weeks ago we finally got sick of using deer off to try and keep the deer away from the roses and actually put ugly chicken wire cages around all of my roses. I donot think that I have ever seen a bloom from this rose before~ isn't it pretty? I love deer I just wish that they only liked to eat grass~!
While visiting our awesome corn patch I managed to pick a beautiful bouquet from the row of flowers that I planted with the corn. Ah this is what I love about summer.
It is 6 am and Gracie is already panting~we finally had a little heat relief in the form of some thunder showers but they left a high humidity in their wake.
This is just funny....One of these things is not like the other~ gThe boys want their morning hay~
And my shadows...River loves to help with the chores~ But sure does not like Thunder~
And Sam really hates to walk in the wet grass~
Have a fantastic Sunday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay it is hot outside.even for me the perpetually cold human...104 degrees yesterday! Only down to the mid 60's last night...our hottest weather of the summer so far. Fire danger a concern..
Meanwhile back at the farm this weekend it was business as usual. My Monday morning post was delayed until today due to the arrival of 4 tiny kittens at 6am, we are repopulating our barn kitties. Janie and father unknown are the proud parents of 3 girls and one little boy! SO CUTE.

Alex has been busy dyeing roving for her felted soaps that she will be selling at shaniko. They are going to be very beautiful as you can see.

Jon completed pasture number one with the new fence with some help from Dave-now Bree and Grace are on the Job. Well they both were for one night. Gracie leaked out into the other pasture and we have not found the leak yet..we are sure it is through the not totally finished barn remodel..lol that will be okay once the other exterior fences are secure but not yet. So for now it is just Bree. If you look close you can see they are sporting a poodle look. They have had their bellies and legs/feet shaved to keep the foxtails at bay. Foot and body check every evening will hopefully keep those nasty weeds at bay. We have been doing some serious eradication procedures with irrigation and the population seems to be going down.

This is a really nice girl from this years breeding season
And Dani's girl Angel has a marvelous fleece~
The new sheep door
Well it is going to be 107 today, I have already got everything good and watered the girls are out applying fertilizer to the corn and hanging baskets, I am off to shower and head to work....