Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's about time

That I got back into the swing of things!

We have a new surprise addition to the flock as of Sunday. Mac Joined us unannounced-seems his momma Serta wanted to get a jump on lambing instead of waiting for March like the rest of the ewes.
He is obviously the product of Orion the Ram that we used last year. He sure is cute.

Speaking of sheep. I have some new sheep that will be joining the ETSY flock quite soon! There are some new sizes and styles. Some will be really BIG. I will also be putting up some new roving's for sale in the next couple of weeks~keep an eye out

We are down to one Cashmere Goat. I am a little sad about this because we built the farm around our goats but the industry surrounding the sheep is much better! So the deal that I had with Jon was that I could not add any Blue face Leicester's to our flock until I liquidated the goats (well except tink-we could never sell tinky) So although I am sad to see them go I am really excited about the bfl's and their fleece! Plus I have a stash of Cashmere to use.

here is Tink, the world's smallest Cashmere goat. She produces a beautiful grey cashmere.

Other Liongate news. One of our Liongate Dogs was featured in a television news piece recently.

He is a guardian dog at a large farm here in Southern Oregon. Recently their neighbors lost llama to a cougar and the farm that Puddy protects with his 5 other livestock guardians has never had any stock injured! yeah Puddy and friends!

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