Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gardening in Full swing

I have finally gotten the spring fleeces up on the ETSY site.  You can see them there or on our website at liongate.org under fiber or at liongate.etsy.com.    I have other fleeces that I am working with right now into roving and dyeing-I am planning that for this weekend- weather cooperating. It is supposed to be 90 degrees today (yeah!) but snow is predicted for the weekend.  go figure it is spring in Oregon.
We have been very busy with spring gardening chores.
     The garden is ready for planting and I am itching to do that. I have got 18 cabbages in.  the rhubarb split and replanted in a new location, spinach and celery is in and a few beets that I sprouted. Those may go to seed.  The artichokes are looking good, did not lose my sage plant!I did lose one of my thyme varieties though.  I am expanding the sweet pepper production this year because of how well the dried product went over last year with the family.

I do need to go over to the other garden and get it tilled and ready for corn.  Now that we have some what to do and what not to do under our belts we should have a fantastic season this year and be able to freeze a winters worth of corn.
We reconfigured it a little this year and moved one of the raised planting beds-so it will be a new layout this year.  I can already taste the salad. Here is a picture from 2006.
 I just know that it is safer to wait until at least the first weekend of May.  I have some of my cut flowers started in the house and then we are experimenting with some seeds for wave petunias that Alex and I saved last summer in my father's greenhouse. (Thanks Dad!!!) I have 19 hanging baskets that I plant with wave petunias and it gets expensive to do them all in waves. So we are trying this method.   I did get the cosmos/sunflower/zinna strip tilled and planted.  If it really cools off I am ready with some clear plastic to protect the entire strip.
I just need to get the herb area organized and want to remove some large oak tree branches that are adding some shad to that area.  I have also been spring cleaning the drip irrigation and the regular irrigation-have most of that running smoothly-have a couple of sprinkler heads that froze off and a couple of tees that split this winter-we had a couple of really cold spells this winter. 
       We are getting ready to do a major pasture overhaul.  We need to bury the irrigation lines -so we can use the drag harrow easily and we are preparing to re fence those pastures.
I have not been able to put any LGD with my lambs because -well-someone keeps letting them out of the pasture-and I need to be able to lock the gates and know that the fencing is secure.
For now we are locking up the ewes and lambs at night.  However Alex went over and found the barn door open again!!! We will have to check the security cameras to see who the culprits are This time.  Someday all the footage of the various people will come in handy :-) we are saving it for a rainy day.

     Jon has been steadily splitting wood for next season.  He has been accomplishing about a cord a weekend.  The new splitter is fantastic! What  a find on Craigs List!

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