Monday, April 27, 2009

Preparing for Summer Gardening

This was garden prep weekend~and clean up winter dust etc.  I got my fleece prep room all ready for processing the spring shearing. I am itching to get my fleeces turned into roving and to do some dying.  Soon....very soon. 
     I would have started this weekend but the garden prep was calling my name~I am done with the big rototiller. This weekend I tilled all of the cover crop/manure  into the soil in the garden that I have been maintaining across the street.  Since this is only the second year on the corn over there we learned a few lessons from last year.  Since it is situated in the middle of the sheep pastures it seems to attract grass seed. I am using weed blocker between the rows this year and we are going to my soaker hose method of watering.  It will be interesting to see if they work with the high iron content in that water.  I am still deciding on what irrigation method to use. We will have 7- 40 foot rows of corn, with the first row dedicated to some tomatoes etc.

We turned the sheep loose in the pasture in front of the house. They loved it!

Below the Lambs are lounging in the shade of the tree.
This is Miss Angel.  She is the cutest little ewe lamb.
     Jon finally had time to clean the garage and organize it since we worked on Mindi's house.  It is a fantastic work space and becoming necessary since he was starting to clog up my work space in the barn!  It was a huge project but I can tell he is happy that he took the time to do it.

 I am still itching to plant but I must be patient we are still frosting quite hard between 5am and 6am.  I constructed a cold frame along the cosmos.sunflower/zinna garden to protect them. I have my other plants on the back porch ready to go out....I have all new liners for my hanging flower baskets.  I can get those ready-
Funny thing.  Alex and I saved seeds from all of our baskets last year and were going to start our own in Dad's green house.  So on Easter we planted this really cool hydroponic planting block with about 90 wave petunias and a whole bunch of my favorite yellow flower for hanging baskets.  So dad calls and says okay the bidens came up (yellow) but I don't think the petunias are going to come up.  So since the grange had them on sale I purchased three flats-100 or so petunias-he calls me last night to let me know that they came up!!!!  Oh gosh I am going to have lots of petunias this year.  And we have so many Zinnia's started in the house! It is fabulous.   

This was a fantastic weekend.  Not only did we get so much accomplished the evenings were spent starting to enjoy summer socializing with our good friends! Perfect endings to perfect days.  Like us their day starts early and they get a lot accomplished in their days.  I just do not know how people can live in the country and just sit around watching the world go by.  Lonely.  They must be so lonely and bored.  Life is passing them by at warp speed and they just do not realize it.  sigh....well off to do my morning chores

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