Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shearing and Lambing!!!!!!!

 Spring time is shearing time.  Well so is summer time but those fleeces will come later.
Of course the day that we chose to shear it was pouring rain-and I mean pouring-luckily with the barn conversion and lambing everyone was nice and toasty dry in the barns.  It was a easy handling day. Even Esteban our four horned ram behaved himself-usually he fights the system-I think he has finally realized that his fleece is coming off-and there is nothing that he can do to stop it!  Little Ram Blackie however had different ideas and he was the very last sheep to be sheared.  It is only his second shearing and Jack had his hands full with him!

Now the processing begins!  Roving and dying and washing -I just get all inspired just looking at them!  My pelts are almost dry they will get sent out to be tanned.

 I am starting to post the available fleeces up on my ETSY site at sure you visit if you are interested.  

We are in the middle of Lambing . I have four ewes to go-All of Barclay's ewes.  He was a little slow on the ladies this year!
We have some beautiful lambs and with the reconfiguration of the Barn lambing was a breeze this year.  We are  at 4 ram and 5 ewe lambs.  

Mary had a little Ram. He has a beautiful thick fleece just like his mom.

Moon had a Ram and a Ewe. The Ram is the one with the white saddle.

Ginger finally gave me some brown lambs!!!! Yahoo.  One Ram and one Ewe. They are winning the cutest lamb contest this year! This is Gingers Girl 
And here is her little Ram-what a cutie!

We have been working hard getting the garden ready for planting and rejuvenating all of the flower beds.   I actually was able to accomplish some major chores a little early this year.  Yesterday we purchased 18 cabbage plants to go in for our annual sauerkraut production-a craft that I have been learning from my father who is the pro!  Now if I can just learn to reproduce his sausage!   I saved some seeds for all of my hanging baskets and I am going to start them in my dad's greenhouse.  (someday we will have a little one....just cannot figure out where we would put it!)  Jon has been busy splitting wood for next winter and has a fantastic new log splitter for the tractor.   He is able to split a cord in about two hours!  He has started on the big project of ridding the other property of all the dead snags in his quest for wood to use for the splitter.  Soon we are going to replace the fence over there so that the we can permanently place some of the dogs over there!   With the new security cameras in place we feel sure that if there is any tampering of the fences and gates that we will finally be able to take some action against the people that have been causing all of our problems.  They better smile because they are on camera 24/7 now!!!!!  They cannot lie on film!  
Happy Easter and  here is today's quote:

I get satisfaction of three kinds.  One is creating something, One is being paid for it and one is feeling that I haven't just been sitting on my ass all afternoon.  -William F. Buckley


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