Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

It was a busy weekend here at Liongate Farm.
Jon picked up the rototiller attachment for the tractor and now we can start revitalizing the pasture areas!  He got right on it.....a new toy.  Notice that he had on the appropriate shirt to work in the Dirt~

The guinea hens are in full swing eating ticks and bugs~If you have a farm and have livestock and livestock guardians these are the most beneficial birds to have wandering on your farm.  Their job is to eat ticks and weed seeds!  That and they are very comical to watch in their daily endeavors.

The wisteria garden has been revitalized.  I wanted to dig out the iris and thin them out but I couldn't bear to separate them while they are blooming so I will wait until august, which is more practical anyways since we haven't got the fence up yet where I want the extras to land for a final home~

The garden is in, and has been for a week,  everything is taking off.  I just have to get everything staked and tied.  It is a big one this year with even more sweet peppers for that new sweet pepper grind that we did for the first time last year.  56 tomato plants!  I noticed some volunteers  here and there... oh boy we are going to be busy canning. The cabbage for the sauerkraut is growing nicely.  That is my comfrey plant in the barrel. flourishing!  I got the corn and sunflowers in on Friday-along with the new bird net.  My corn will outwit the crows this year.  It seems that we have conquered all the weeds in that  garden-next year we just need to till in some more compost!
The Peonies have started to bloom! I wish that they would bloom all summer~
One of my favorites!

I am trying something new on the barn.  I have always wanted one of those round hanging baskets of petunias and wondered how they do it .  I was reading a magazine where they demonstrated how to complete one.  It looked easy.  So we decided to try it.  Well it looks a lot easier in the magazine than it is.  If it works it will be really cool.  I just need to change the ends on the drip system-I am not confident that the ones that I have on there right now will be sufficient.  Also it seems that this is something I would want to start earlier because they are kind of blah at the beginning point.

On Saturday we loaded up Dargo and took him to the local growers market.   Since three of the other LGD ladies are in season we thought his nose could use a break (or his hormones). He was a perfect gentleman and got to pick a treat from the local homemade dog treat vendor.  We did find out that it was the last weekend that dogs were allowed there.  Josephine county is getting to be as bad as Jackson county.  Boy, I am offended by the behavior of some peoples children-maybe they should not be allowed to attend.  I am offended by smoking-and various other thing-but com'on people-grow up! learn to get along.  Everyone should have a freedom of choice!

On Sunday after completing some early morning gardening chores(removing star thistle from some of the pasture before it seeds) we headed out to Squaw Lake and attended a pig roast.  Every family that Jon grew up with was there! The weather was perfect and Jon obtained the perfect sunburn pulling pork off the pig!  Good Old fashioned fun and food.  People need more of that in their lives.

Monday, we got the irrigation and drip systems tweaked and running, had to repair some winter damage, unclog some sprinkler heads. Planted a whole bunch of zinnias (my favorite summer cut flower) that we started from seed.  Got the basil in the garden.  Then we had some friends over for grilled chicken salad, with spinach, onions and beets out of the garden! and homemade fresh strawberry ice cream.

A pretty awesome weekend.  

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