Sunday, June 21, 2009

The first day of Summer

The beginning of summer weekend and it was cold! We started the weekend on Friday and headed up to "the Black Sheep Gathering" As usual it did not disappoint. I did enter My slimfast Santa and my felted cat and took a second and a third place in the class. WOW! It was a big class and the judge had nice things to say about both. They really liked the attention to detail on the Santa. We started the day out by driving past this beautiful scene right near our farm. It was so pretty I had to stop and take a picture~

Then we attended the festival, ran into a ton of people, one of which enabled me into a new drop spindle that I cannot wait to use. So much to see and do! Learned a lot listening to the judging of the spun yarn..interesting.
Saturday, I worked in the gardens half the day, weeding and tying and fixing the inevitable irrigation leaks. Wishing for some hot weather. Our garden is growing nicely but I want to see some more blossoms come on. I picked the first nice zucchini of the year. Then I was off to Marion's baby shower. What a great time! That Chasen is going to be a reader~ Then I cam home and worked in the studio until 9p.m. I have a few projects that I am working on that I need to finish. One was a shirt that I was embroidering for my mom....
Today, after I worked in the studio from 5 am till 11 am we moved our ram lambs away from their momma's. They are not very pleased with the move and keep calling for their mom's. They have plenty of company with the guardian girls. Soon two of the girls will move over with the ewes. I cannot wait I lose sleep every single night and sometime walk over there at two am to make sure everyone is safe. It is that "feed my cubs" time of year when the momma cougars are teaching their young to hunt. Marys black Ram is a very nice Ram. Definitely a keeper.
Ginger's boy and Moon's boy both have beautiful fleece but are not carrying the black rams size. We will see how they grow.
Ran into town to have a meal with my Dad, wish him a very happy Father's day along with the entire family, and pick up some household essentials. A normal Sunday
I decked Ellie and Dave out in their farm logo for the CAGBA (Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association) So that they were showing their goats in style. Billy Goat Mountain Ranch came home with a bunch of usual~ She produces the most awesome fleeces and goats.

Speaking of Ellie and Dave...While we were farm sitting for them this weekend, we discovered that Bobbin one of Ellie's does had had a late night rendezvous and produced two beautiful buck boys that are waiting to meet them when they get home tonight~! Aren't they cute?
Tink is now cashmereless and still the smallest cashmere goat on the planet...She is great as long as she can eat and hang with her dogs.

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  1. How about an updated picture of that round petunia basket.