Sunday, June 7, 2009

I can't felt fast enough!

Lately, I cannot get my fingers working fast enough!  I am working on some felted entries for the blacksheep gathering in three weeks but people keep begging to buy them  before I even get them done!  I really want to enter some of my sculptures this year so here are a few choices that I have not sold on purpose.  
Here is my most recent Tibetan Mastiff:

I call this one Slimfast Santa or Summertime Kris KRingle..he is pretty skinny to be a santa! I still need to fill his bag with a few toys.

This is a cat that I recently completed.  A definite entry.

Well I am off to wash some lamb fleeces, process some that I have already washed into roving and get it ready to dye and list on my etsy site!

Speaking of fleece, leads me to think of my sheep, which, Although we are usually finished lambing by now, Barclay apparently has a new years party with his ewes rather than the OCtober party that we wanted.  We are expecting lambs any time from at least one of our ewes, Glenda.  Will keep you all posted~


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