Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the drying Rack

With the great weather we have been washing
fleece like crazy. Right now I have a beautiful
huge fleece from Ginger on the drying Rack.
You can see in the pictures what a great variation in color that can occur in one fleece~I Can't wait to card this fleece

Here are the petunia balls
"in progress. I have pinched them off a few times. I am not sold on the concept yet. I think if I do them again I will start them about a month earlier than I did this year in Dad's green house. Following are some pictures of the garden in garden helper Scuzz,The tomatoes are going wild, my sitting area, I like to sit and have coffee in the garden in the mornings

A lot of people have asked me about all the milk jugs that we keep in the garden. They are not for watering. I will share the secret~ They are for warmth. I plant my garden in the first two weeks of May which is two weeks earlier than my area normally allows. We usually get a hard frost just before memorial day. The milk jugs filled with water absorb the heat of the sun and keep my tender little plants warm through out the night. It helps in the regular growing season here too. Our Oregon nights get very cool. Cool enough that we open all the windows uses fans to bring in all the cool air and close up the house during the day and rarely have to turn on the air conditioner. So they keep that warmth and speed the plants on their way. The black plastic helps the soil retain the warmth also. I have an extensive irrigation soaker hose system under that plastic...but that is not the purpose of the plastic ~for me it is weed control. I would love nothing more that to putter and weed every day but our schedule with all that we have going does not permit me the time and Jon does not do I call my garden "Lazy man's garden" which as anyone who knows us....that word is the very last word that anyone would use when it comes to describing us~I am off to do some weed eating and get the irrigation going on the lawn.

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