Monday, June 15, 2009

Sewing Sunday to Dye For

It was a fantastic successful weekend around here. Jon worked on the new fencing in the pastures since the sheep keep going on a walk about. It is proving to be a muddy job because the clay layers is so close to the surface and we have had a bit of rain. He has to pull all of the old t-posts out, put in new gate posts, rework the gates
, bury the irrigation and level the area where the fence is being stung. Not an easy task!~
While he was sweating away at that job we were busy processing fiber. Wash rinse dry pick and card......Some of it had to be washed a couple of times....esp. the ram fleece that I am working on now.
Worked on a little weed control in the gardens-the cabbages are growing beautifully!
Looks like we will have some nice artichokes this year. Strawberries are on in full force we are having to pick and freeze every other day.

I got the pattern drafted for the bag that I created for the Sewing Expo that we attend every year. I just need to make another bag and write out the instructions with how to pictures and it will be ready for download at my etsy site. To read about the contest that I entered click here:

I never dreamed in a million years that I would win! I just wanted something to sit on that I would not lose that would keep my seat warm in the cold seminar chairs. For anyone who has never been to the Expo that is a seamstress, a fiber artist, a knitter, heck-anything it is the greatest event ever! The classes are taught by the cutting edge pros in the industry and the shopping is fabulous~ It is a great place to stock up on supplies and you will always find a new craft or item that you have to have or learn!
You cannot just go for one day. It is girls weekend out and how our Sewing Sunday was born (although that term does not describe all of the talent in our group is is what we are).....we have been trying to come up with a more suitable name but it has eluded us.

So using the expo logo pack I created the Ultimate seminar bag. Pictured below

Here is a shot of the cabbage in the garden-huge ~

I cannot remember who gave me this bulb but is sure a pretty iris~This is some mohair/merino that Ellie brought over to dye-sure took the colors vibrantly!~

This is a whole bunch of lamb fleece roving that we processed on Saturday and dyed on Sunday
Ready for felting or spinning~
Barb dyed her sock block and cannot wait for it to dry, she just finished her socks that she was knitting yesterday and is ready for a new project. I cannot wait to see her socks~

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