Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Begins

It is my favorite time of year-the garden is in, and growing-I had to stake the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant already.  The artichokes are coming on.  I picked the first strawberries of the season yesterday.  The corn is peeking out of the ground. The clematis is going wild on the front trellis!

I cannot bear to mow the daisy's in the back next to the swing!
The pathway garden nest to the deck is ready to burst open it's with daylillies!
The inpatients are peeking out from under the hostas
The pond lillies have started to bloom.
The wild rose in the rock garden is in full bloom
And Scuzz was relaxing on the patio after a hard night of mousing and gophering!
This is yesterday's sunrise.  We had a freak mountain storm on Saturday night.  1.75 inches of rain in 2 hours, complete with hail, lightning and thunder gave way to a misty sunrise on Sunday.  A perfect accompaniment to biscotti and coffee on the patio before starting all the farm chores!

It is my favorite time of year!  We started the new fencing over in the pastures at the other barn.  Soon we will be able to really utilize the pastures the way that they should be rotated.  It was a busy weekend with a nephew graduating (great job Brett!) and almost finishing a weed eating project along the road.  Working on rejuvenating the pastures-removing star thistle, mowing an overgrowth of fox tails (there are less than lst year) reworking the irrigation system.
Watching the sheep enjoy! Life is a blessing, The country is a blessing. It is such a good feeling to have two days complete a bunch of projects and accomplish something!

I leave you today with some thoughts-ask yourself: what have I accomplished today to improve the environment in which I live my life?  What nice thing have I done to improve the life of another? What will the actions that I have embarked on today bring in the future.  I am a firm believer in Karma.  You get what you give.  If you work hard, live without malice towards others (no matter how awful they behave towards you-they will get theirs in the end-because their attitudes are their own cross to bear and a result of their unhappy  unresolved psychological issues), live with good intentions with meaningful goals-your life will be fulfilling and happy!  I feel great today knowing that we accomplished a bunch of stuff, we are all healthy and happy!

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