Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Wool Party

Glenda gave us some "new wool" in the form of a little black ram yesterday with  the biggest horn bases! He is a nice strong boy.

That was happening while I worked on some embroidery and processed some lamb fleeces.  I had two more fleeces in the wash besides the four that I processed into roving.  I am excited to dye these! I borrowed a picker to help move the process along.  I think I needed a bigger box!

I have a nice pile of batts that I am going to run through the drum carder one more time-after work today. 

I processed the one black and white ram fleece-it has a really short staple-I am thinking only really good for felting. The white is short, though not as short as the grey.  The picker sure helped get a lot of the little tiny dirt specks out that I could not pick out.

The great news is that I finished the embroidery that I was working on. I learned some new techniques and processes with this one.  I listed some new stuff on etsy

      While I was working my fingers off, Jon and the girls were over working on the new pasture fencing.   He started concreting in the new gate posts and corner posts and pulled and reset some of the older t-posts.  Imagine his surprise when he pulled out some posts and they were only three footers.  Those will not do us any good with the new fencing!  It is going to be so great to have the new fences up-and the new (rehung, refortified) gates, we will be able to put the guardian dogs back out there and lock the gates.  I will be able to sleep all night knowing the lambs and ewes are safe. (Last Sunday we found fresh cougar scat in the pasture)  Combined with the outdoor cameras any messing with the fences or the property will be on film.  (it amazes me, that people are still messing with us, opening the barn doors, letting out the sheep, turning off the automatic water systems for the livestock and the pastures and corn when they know we have cameras up.  I will just say, when you are doing this you should smile because it looks better in the pictures when we look at them! )

It was a great day!

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