Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Garden is coming In!

We have been eating Zucchini for two weeks, and the cucumbers and artichokes are in!

Yesterday we picked three of the cabbages that were ready and started them on the road to sauerkraut! Nice tight heads-22 pounds of cabbage~
shredded and salt added to start the wilt process
tightly packed into pint jars and covered loosely with sanitized lids then it Placed on a tray for it's fermentation period-anywhere from 14-21 days. Can you believe that 21 pounds of cabbage wilts and packs into 13 pint jars......Did I mention how stinky it is to make we have 14 more heads of cabbage to go!
Petunias are looking beautiful
I added a new rooster to the Etsy shop....
Here are some shots of the new felting paper project that I did. It is this great product that you flat felt on, saturate with water, roll it up in plastic, place in a nylon and throw in the dryer-then dip it in hot water and the paper dissolves...viola! what you get is a piece of felt that you can do whatever project you like. I happened to make
mine into a small clutch sized bag..I lined the bag with this cute cat and handbag fabric...It is absolutely adorable
I am looking for just the right clasp, and am having a handle made.
Isn't that the cutest lining fabric?
Here is a shot of a roving that dyed and blended we named the blend river.
This one is ocean
This one is called twilight
Our funky frizzle chickens are growing(rear of picture) and so are the polish! I love that breed they are the bravest little chickens. Luckily, living in the coop with its reinforced bottom and wire top there is no danger of them disappearing to a predator or a stray bullet that happens to mysteriously fall out of the sky. (Either that or there are some silly, desperate hungry people around here) Great thing about security cameras is that they capture everything....from real predators that hunt to eat and stupid predators that hunt to kill for no reason at all.

Jon has been working on the fence any time he can squeeze in a minute! It is very exciting~ Now we just have to decide if we are going to bury the irrigation....probably. Depends on how much excess cost we will run into. Have a great end of the week.

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