Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!
We started our celebration with the arrival of Mindi from Colorado on Jon's Birthday!
Boy was he surprised! This is the first time since the girls were very small that they were all here to celebrate with him~ Of course we girls are all feeling rather proud of having pulled off the surprise!

On Thursday I caught up on a bunch of gardening chores. Corn was weeded, hilled and fertilized and new drip system was put in-much more efficient than the sprinkler method. And then I puttered around in the other flower and vegetable gardens pausing of course to wash and rinse fleece~making sure everything was watered.

Yesterday was fleece day. Jon worked on the fence. It has been so warm (90 degrees plus) that it makes a short day for him!
It is fleece and more fleece processing time. Pippa was very generous with her fleece this year and her fleece has produce some beautiful Roving
meanwhile, My trusty assistants, were in the "lab" creating all sorts of wonderful colors playing around with the kool-aid dye method.
Alex is preparing some fiber for the dye process in the sink and Mindi is moving an extremely hot jar of Roving from the microwave to the stove

The Finished product! Look for fun felting fiber kits on my ETSY shop at
The felting kit has 9 .25 ounce colors and 1 ounce of core wool.

Today...well more you will here that a lot this month~ and we are going to host a BBQ for the fourth! It is domino and Liverpool rummy time~

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