Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay it is hot outside.even for me the perpetually cold human...104 degrees yesterday! Only down to the mid 60's last night...our hottest weather of the summer so far. Fire danger a concern..
Meanwhile back at the farm this weekend it was business as usual. My Monday morning post was delayed until today due to the arrival of 4 tiny kittens at 6am, we are repopulating our barn kitties. Janie and father unknown are the proud parents of 3 girls and one little boy! SO CUTE.

Alex has been busy dyeing roving for her felted soaps that she will be selling at shaniko. They are going to be very beautiful as you can see.

Jon completed pasture number one with the new fence with some help from Dave-now Bree and Grace are on the Job. Well they both were for one night. Gracie leaked out into the other pasture and we have not found the leak yet..we are sure it is through the not totally finished barn remodel..lol that will be okay once the other exterior fences are secure but not yet. So for now it is just Bree. If you look close you can see they are sporting a poodle look. They have had their bellies and legs/feet shaved to keep the foxtails at bay. Foot and body check every evening will hopefully keep those nasty weeds at bay. We have been doing some serious eradication procedures with irrigation and the population seems to be going down.

This is a really nice girl from this years breeding season
And Dani's girl Angel has a marvelous fleece~
The new sheep door
Well it is going to be 107 today, I have already got everything good and watered the girls are out applying fertilizer to the corn and hanging baskets, I am off to shower and head to work....

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