Monday, July 13, 2009

Sewing Sunday in July

Sewing Sunday in July arrived~ And we dyed sock blocks, yarn and roving! While those were steaming various projects were going on inside the house. Barb is knitting a beautiful scarf, Ellie was spinning the roving that we dyed last month, Teal was knitting a scarf with this really cool bulky loopy yarn, Kathy was knitting a handle for my felted purse, Cindie was spinning on her drop spindle and giving me lessons and the other Karen that is new to the group (welcome!) was knitting a beautiful child's sock out of her hand spun! Here are some pictures of the group contemplating the colors that they will use. I went first and showed them on my sock block how to put the color on. Then Paula gave it a try:

Julie went for it-I don't think we got the lightest pink that she wanted (hey I am still kind of new at the dye process!)
Add ImageKathy went for some traditional stripes
Teal really thought about her color combinations-and if you notice the bottom of the picture
Sam the cat was her assistant.

Here are the finished sock Blocks! Now we will knit them all into socks and then take a picture of all of our feet with the socks on.....That will be fun~
I dyed some yarn and Ellie dyed some of her roving after the blocks were done using the same method. You will see the Yarn on my Etsy shop soon! Next month we go to Julie's House~

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