Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August is coming to a close

And that means the Shaniko wool gathering is soon! We have been immersed in preparing wool, harvesting the garden, canning sauerkraut, salsa and drying peppers.
We had a small break in the weather and then it was HOT for the Josephine county fair. I spent the evenings demonstrating felting at the fair with the spinning group. What an enjoyable time, chatting and answering questions. I felted some new items that I will show here soon.

I became an aunt again..Welcome to the family little Chase!
You can see that summer is coming to a close with this picture of my favorite barn in the valley. It is really dry this year.
We have been harvesting and freezing our corn! It is delicious. We have finally figured out how to grow corn. Well to prepare the soil and water schedule so that it has the best chance to work out! Alex and Alicia blanched and cut 28 cups of corn off of these cobs (minus what we kept out for fresh off the plant eating!)

short post-I have to finish processing a llama fleece on the drum carder before I am off to work early-I have to drop my car off at the dealer so they can work on finding the short that keeps frying the alternator....must be repaired prior to shaniko!

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