Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fiber-licious Start to August

This is a fiber filled weekend! I have so many projects going that I may actually loose my mind....wait maybe I already have! I have fleece soaking, fleece that I am skirting, fleece that I am carding and fleece that I am spinning (finally), fleece that I am felting, oh and my embroidery machine is working hard on our overlays for the booth..(I didn't have any summer tablecloths) get the idea~
On the wheel:
These are some felted soaps that we are getting ready for our craft booth in Shaniko. Alex is farm sitting this week and took a whole bunch of wool that she carded and dyed and soaps-I cant wait to see what she brings home! And she is producing a line of felted catnip mice.

This is a navajo churro bat that dyed and blended...I call this cherry pie. It is really a pretty color.

So my friend Cindie and I were wondering if you could use a water dissolve-able interfacing to create a felt sheet like the artfelt paper. So I tried it, and it worked!!! I used a embroidery stabilizer called aqua melt. The cool thing is that by using this stuff you can skip the dissolve the paper in hot water step. By the time it came out of the dryer there was no paper left~ Awesome...Now what to make out of this sheet of felt. I used all the left over scraps from the drum carder to make this piece.

Here is another bag I made using the actual artfelt paper.

So a few weeks ago we finally got sick of using deer off to try and keep the deer away from the roses and actually put ugly chicken wire cages around all of my roses. I donot think that I have ever seen a bloom from this rose before~ isn't it pretty? I love deer I just wish that they only liked to eat grass~!
While visiting our awesome corn patch I managed to pick a beautiful bouquet from the row of flowers that I planted with the corn. Ah this is what I love about summer.
It is 6 am and Gracie is already panting~we finally had a little heat relief in the form of some thunder showers but they left a high humidity in their wake.
This is just funny....One of these things is not like the other~ gThe boys want their morning hay~
And my shadows...River loves to help with the chores~ But sure does not like Thunder~
And Sam really hates to walk in the wet grass~
Have a fantastic Sunday

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