Monday, September 21, 2009

Shaniko Wool Gathering

Last weekend we went to the Shaniko wool gathering.
Shaniko is a very neat place to visit-lots of rich Oregon history.
It was a weekend of firsts for me. First time that I towed a trailer (thank you to my brother Ken for allowing us to use his trailer-it sure made it easier for us to carry/unload our gear and somewhere to stay-the microwave and the coffee maker are awesome~not to mention the shower) First time that I have been to that part of Oregon, First wool booth at Shaniko-First time I spun a full roving and plied it into yarn in one weekend! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Mom and Alex visited the Imperial Stock ranch, where the Cloumbia sheep breed originated.

We parked the trailer and I was worried about getting it level-low and behold no leveling required! I did not even have to unhitch the trailer (whew!)

We did park in the shade.......The field was like the surface of the moon. The wind blows in Shaniko, elevation 3344 ft. The surface of the field was lumpy, all the dirt around the grass had blown away leaving clumps. It was cold at night and in the 80's during the day. My sinuses and Mom's eyes show no appreciation for the altitude.

These two pictures are the view that we had. I do not think I could live where there are no trees. We saw multiple coyotes on the trip.

This is the famous Shaniko wool barn. It used to be a lot longer. There is a picture of it in the ice cream shop. in 1901 they shipped 2850000 pounds of wool out of Shaniko-it was the biggest wool shipping depot in the world~! wow~
Anyone want to get married?
Mom tested out the Jail cell
The town (really good ice cream)
The Bank-back when banks did not have to spend a lot
to take care of your money

Here is Ellie, her first experience in a craft booth!
My first real homespun yarn
The three crafters working away
Sunday Morning 8am already working away
Here are some shots of the booth

We were invited to return next year and we might just do that~!

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