Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring at Liongate Farm

has been busy and my blog posts have suffered~~~
Since I have been weed eating for a couple of hours I thought I would sit down and post-finally!

So to update and catch up:
It has been an odd spring with the cold hanging around longer than usual.  We are still frosting, so the garden is only partially installed-I am ready for the rest but have it on hold I think I will go in, in the next week.  Hanging baskets are planted and being pruned, but still in a makeshift greenhouse on the deck.

 In March We had 13 lambs.  One of the nicest lamb crops yet but we
 lost two to a copper /selenium issue caused by the high iron content of the water.
Lost two to a cougar last week and have the USDA hunter on the case.  I hate having to use a hunter but because we have neighbors that do not believe in passive farming through the use of our LGD-they are not 100% effective because we have been forced to debark them. I am not sleeping worrying about the babies.

Mouse gave us a beautiful brown ewe that we named cloud, complete with a rain drop on her nose and a black ram lamb that we named storm.  Pippa gave us a black ewe and a white Ram-probably the best rame we have ever produced  we were calling him "burly boy" and unfortunately he was one that was a snack for the cougar.  It makes me so sad.

The peonies  are just starting to bloom, my tree peony has some really nice sized blooms:

Alex had her 18th birthday so I made her a special cake-it was pretty tasty
Then she had her senior prom

We did shear in February and have been washing fleeces ever since getting them ready for whatever they will become-spun, felted, roving,dyed etc.

We went to the sewing expo in puyallup at the end of February and came home totally inspired and brimming with new ideas and techniques.  I have actually started to implement and sew some of the projects already-this year the inspiration was really good!

I have some new felted sheep designs soon to appear on the etsy stay tuned there~and maybe will be opening a new etsy shop with something completely different in the next week!
until later! off to do chores.

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