Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blacksheep 2010

Two days in Eugene at the Blacksheep gathering and still not enough time to see everything!~We found the best breakfast restaurant in the city The Keystone Cafe-I highly recommend it-all homemade and organic and fresh-yum!!! just be careful when you self serve your coffee or you will wear it (ask Barb)
It was the Blue Faced Leicester National, which as you all know is my favorite fleece to work with so it was every where-and I bought some-you'll see that in a minute.

I entered two of my sculptures and did well with the Jacob sheep taking a first and the Tibetan Mastiff taking a second palce to a really really cute knitting squirrel.

Barb and I entered a handbag,  She constructed the bag out of Esteban's wool yarn and I finished the bag from felting to the lining to the needle felting.  We got to watch the judging of our enteries and the Judge was very complementary.

Carol, Dave and Ellie and their grandson Spencer were in the show ring most of the day yesterday winning ribbons  :-) with their colored angora goats.

Here is  Carol and her beautiful buck.

Dave Ellie and Spencer in the Buck kid class
wonder what Spencer is thinking here

Ellie with her girl that won some BIG ribbons

Dave having a conversation with a young buck about behaving in the show ring!

And now for my fleeces!!!!!! They are the cutest fleeces ever!!!!
they are like chia pets feed and water them and they grow more!!!!

It is great.  I finally have my Blue Faced Leicester flock start!!! yahoo!!!!
This has been a goal for three years and I finally just jumped in and did it. 
So Friday while they were shopping for yarn I was shopping for my two sheep.
The breeder that I chose was here from Michigan and what a chance for our farm to acquire some quality girls from the midwest.  So I picked out my girls and then they competed on Saturday.

This young ewe has a beautiful heavy curly fleece that is perfect for my santas and my sheep!
In the show yesterday she took 4th in a class of 20

My favorite, my little ewe lamb proved that I really do have a good eye.  She took reserve grand champion!!! What a great way to start my flock.  I could not be happier.  And as word spread, all of the southern Oregon friends heard that I have added BFL-wanted to know what I was going to do with the fleece ;-)....Get in line after me girls...hahaha  I have been waiting for this fleece for a long time!!!!

So glad we went Friday and Saturday and have the last day of the weekend to recover and get my pasture ready for the new girls (oh and a bunch of other chores of course!)

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