Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Create A Great Day

Sewing Monday grew out of our Monthly Sewing Sunday group.  My friends, Ellie and Amy and Bev  and I congregate in my workroom and we work on lots of different things at one time and share ideas and get inspired.  It a great evening.
Sometime my wonderful husband makes us a special dinner !

Last night, I worked on a  Sheep order That took over the table and see that hostess Apron in A is for Apron book by Nathalie Mornu book?
  I am going to make one like that-for fun

These are some chicken potholders that I have listed at my ETSY shop.  I have a lot more colors ready to stitch up.

A couple of Monday's ago I made this pillowcase and embroidered the edge.  It came out pretty cute!

I am working on an entry for the blacksheep gathering coming up in two weeks.  I say I but I am only half of the creation-or maybe a third!!  This bag is a collaboration between Barb and myself and of course Esteban who grew the wool to begin with.  It is his fleece that I had spun commercially, then Barb knitted the bag from our favorite bag pattern, I felted it in the washer and now I am embellishing it with some fun needle-felting....I better get on it if I want it to be finished

Here is an unfelted version-can you even believe how much it shrinks up?

Amy was working on Aprons-and of course I did not take a picture of her stack that she was serging and sewing-here is one that I did-it will be available on ETSY soon!

Ellie was quilting her beautiful birds and flowers Quilt and I will get a picture of that up soon!  Saving the niftiest for last..Bev, was learning a new technique-using roving from our Navajo Churro sheep, she braided it then felted it and dried it in the washer, then sewed it into a rug......Isn't that the best? I want to do one for our living room!!!!!!!  Totally washable and should wear like iron.

We created a great day...now it is your turn!

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