Monday, June 14, 2010

Dawn at Liongate Farm- a Photo tour

Yesterday morning was the First glorious summer morning of the year.
Of course with such a packed weekend and a housefull of guests for Alex's graduation
I was the only one up prowling around to see it.   I am usually up before the roosters and
yesterday was no with coffee and camera in hand I set out to check on the growing progress
of the place.  I like a lot of things but gardening and flowers are one of my "loves"

First I ran into our night security guard Sara..she is always on duty
protecting the Rams from the cougars and my roses from deer destruction.

Then I ran into Slash, mouse duty extrordianare

yummmm some June bearing strawberries...I supplemented my breakfast

A new row of everbearing strawberries and the swing nestled in the daisy patch

My favorite Tibetan Mastiff wind chime

Our carnivorous Voodoo plant is blooming-it opened later on in the sun and the
smell is horrific-but it is cool to look inside and see all the bugs it traps

Patio place

Just for looks

deck place

I gave in and caged the roses.  They are beautiful! I have NEVER seen them before-the
deer always eat them first!!!1

The Rams were just waking up

Bird spot
Can you taste the sauerkraut???

My new artichokes-I lost all of my others in the freeze in December and a shot of the patio from the garden

Above is more garden...below here is some heather and a pretty little hosta, the guineas waking up ready for tick patrol

Horse radish

The peonies are in full swing

The front door clematis and some hanging flowers on the 

Bridge to  a pasture (currently being reseeded and growing great!)



a pretty spot and a silly tree face

Just a pretty pot of flowers

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