Friday, June 25, 2010


so one of the reasons that we acquired bfl is because you can shear them yourself.
well....I have never done that.  So last night was a milestone.  Beth's breeder said that her fleece needed to come off now.  So I applied myself to the task.  I did it but trust me it was not a perfect job.  I was scared to death of nicking her....seriously I had a professional shearer injure a lamb so badly that we had to euthanize her-and now I was going to attempt it???
We succeeded and it was actually not so hard.  I am sure I will learn with each shearing

Kerry is so curious, she wanted to know what we were doing to her big girl friend

Ta-dah!!!!!  however Beth said what???? you are taking my picture???

And the result...a Beautiful bag of Fleece...I went right in and washed a bit...I am IN LOVE.....

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