Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dye Day at Ronan Country Fibers!!!

Saturday was learn to dye Mohair day at Ronan Country Fibers in Selma Oregon.
What a great day with great people!!!
Using  Jacquard dyes we learned a multitude of techniques.
Solar dyeing, microwave dyeing, canning jar dyeing, pot dyeing..... and we talked about a 
bunch of other possible techniques.  We learned what the difference is between dying wet fiber and dry fiber and dirty vs. clean fiber

This is the solar dyeing technique.....

Dyed fiber waiting to be rinsed

Carol examining her solar dyed Mohair.  That is my Navaho churro  yarn that I snuck in to the mohair party....

Lisa is rinsing her solar dyed mohair locks

On the right is some grey Mohair with red and blue dye overlay-it will be great when it is spun

Ellie is rinsing her solar dyed roving ...not sure she likes the color that she got yet, granddaughter Natalie is learning the technique

We all agree that canning jar dyeing gives the most brilliant color...that green is supposed to be kelly green...interesting...looks like neon lime to me

Beautiful fleece drying in the sun

It was a fabulous day with fabulous people!!!!! I cannot wait to do some more solar dying myself.....have fiber will dye.........

Thanks Carol for letting me sneak in my wool!!!!  

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