Friday, July 9, 2010

A little too close for comfort

Last evening we had a whopper of a summer storm.  Lots of dark clouds, rain, thunder and lightning.  River spent a lot of time in our laps or under the bed..all between 5-7 pm....and it left behind that wonderful summer rain smell.....and a present for us this morning.  My morning was fantastic until I pulled out of the lane and saw this -and realized I forgot my coffee on the counter again.

Being that it was at the top side of our friends property I raced over there to wake them they could worry too.

The ODF was already on it and soon a friend landed in the field to attach his bucket and went to work with the ground crews and a boray bomber that was dropping red fire retardant

By the afternoon it was starting to settle

This evening the copters were still at work on some hotspots and the smoke is almost non existent.
Gotta love the forestry guys  AGAIN. 

They named it the sprignette fire and said that it grew to 15 two pm-I have no idea what the final count of acreage is-I know that there were over 150 lightning strikes in our county alone and they have little fires popping up all over-fueled by the 100 degree heat of the day.....

Thank you ODF


  1. So glad they got on your fire quickly - we had one two properties behind us last year and they jumped on it fast. Ever since the Biscuit Fire that affected us (we lived out there then) they've jumped on fires much faster. It seemed the lightening stayed to the east of us last night.

  2. Wow, good thing they got it out because ODF is tapped out on resources
    around Medford with a large fire on Ave G in Central Point I think. Jackson
    County took over 700 strikes Thursday night and there are fires popping up all over. Glad everyone is safe!