Monday, November 22, 2010

Time. Never Ever Ever Enough

There is never enough Time to get everything done that in my creative brain.
This is a basket of santas and some new heart ornies for the up-coming craft bazaar

I kicked off the Holiday Bazaar season with a small booth at the Fairgrounds.  

Clyde visited, a truly magnificent TM . Jon is in LOVE.

Fall presented some amazing beauty this year.

 We traveled to Idaho twice and on the second trip back a week before Halloween Mr. Winter showed his face! Notice that i had to fight traffic on this Sunday afternoon drive.  The Shopping in Bend was marvelous!

The woods around Prospect were alive with color-It was magical

Here are some new Craft bazaar items for this year

 This item is a prototype...will not be available until next year....I have to figure out how to make the ears less fragile....;-(


  1. All your winter items are adorable and so is that it a Great Pyrenees ? I worked with one of those gentle giants when I was at Petsmart and still have several ounces of his hair to use for's lovely .

    Have great luck at your Holiday craft fairs .

  2. That is a Tibetan Mastiff! He is a Blue/Tan and such a large boy. He came to see us for a visit!