Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

A New year...Time just flies by.....we woke up, after an extremely FUN new years eve with friends and family, on the first day of 2011 to a beautiful morning at the farm:

     Do you ever feel like you are poised to accomplish something BIG? Where the pieces are falling into place for something that you have been working towards for a long time?  That is where I am. I have been feeling this way for about a month even though I have been woefully behind-heck, I did not even decorate for Christmas this year because I was so behind!!  It sure changed the way this new years weekend went-I could work on projects instead of clean up Christmas! It was fun-but We are decorating for Christmas this year, I just have to plan better!
    So I have plans....I am working on a new ETSY shop "The Prim Sheep" that will focus on our farm grown fiber and fiber products. And hopefully I will be able to translate this shop to a location here at the farm that will be open for classes and supplies here at the farm for Fiber and craft artists on Saturday afternoons or by appointment.   

The  Liongate Designs ETSY shop will stay in place focusing on my crafty  Christmas art and Embroidery. I have ideas percolating for new items...well I never stop doodling...  I have been slowly organizing the crafting space-It is going to get further along! 
  Jon is creating an Embroidery focused website!  That will further along our embroidery.

First we are going to finish off a big shed that is in existence and make it into a usable space.  It kind of works -needs roof work and a floor. Oh and drainage....always drainage around here.  Then we are going to build a barn across from the shed. It will be next to the old barn- This barn works....but needs to be revised-it needs-drainage! and a roof that leaks less-and doors-it will stay there, as a loafing area-I gave up on keeping immaculate and have let the thatch build up-they were tracking in to much mud to keep up with it!  So this is where  I thank whoever invented tractors because we can clean it out with the tractor instead on me and a pitch fork!!

 We are going to combat MUD....I love my farm, but I hate mud in the winter.  So we are going to think about drainage there are hoof grids in our future yipee!. We seeded the pastures in the fall and will add more seed in the spring. That was a big accomplishment.

    The fiber festival was a success,so we will host it again-with a few changes that will make it better than the last time! That will be fun and I will not wait until the last weeks to plan it. Think of it as a garage sale for fiber producers and artists!

I was explaining my plans to Kya-she is a good listener!

Fiona is also a good listener, and a good cribber...we are going to help her learn not to chew up the barn!

Ginger is happy that she was bred this year! We went for meat lambs this year using a nice Gotland Ram for our herd sire. They are due in March
                            This is one of our lambs from 2010 that is for sale.

Guinea Hens hate snow-they can't find bugs and seed when everything is covered-so they go on to our 
back porch, knock the lid off of the dog food and hang out there snacking.....

The biggest change for the year is something that we have been working on and succeeding-getting healthy! Jon and I changed the way we eat in the middle of last year and are far healthier for it.  We are convinced that "high fructose corn syrup" and "refined flour" is basically the root of all health problems-we are low carb, gluten and sugar free concentrating on eating whole foods..we feel great going into the new year! We have been on this for a while and are still learning-but hey it keeps us young! 
Have a great new year and may all of your "plans" come to fruition.


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