Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2 2011

And spring is going to pass us by and jump right into summer!  We have had a super wet "spring" and the growing is going slow around here. I have finally been able to get out and use the weedeater and we have finally been able to mow the ever growing lawn.  I have managed to get some shots of the emerging flowers...hope for the warmer weather

Daffodils in the rock garden

Snowdrops that appeared all on their own

We have some new up and coming guardians. We have some oldsters that need to train the youngsters before they leave us~


Mr Gibbs

Ms.  Yoche

Beth takes guarding her young ewe very seriously! We have 21 lambs on the ground, growing nicely and one more Ewe to lamb at the end of May. Our first bummer lambs this year-so daily feedings to the two boys who do not want to wean!
Beth and little Aubrey

The garden is now ready to start.  This is the experimental year of gardening.  We are going to try straw bale gardening to give our soil a rest. This weekend I got the bales in place and start the prepping today.  It is a 10 day process to start the bales composting from the inside via the addition of fertilizer.  Then we plant right in the bales!
Hope for spring in the form of strawberries


The Comfrey is usually about two feet tall by now!

Pink english daisy's trying to show their little blooms.

Straw bales ready to go

Here is a little something I created for my table. It started as a kit from
that I picked up at the Sewing and Stitchery expo in March
It was a little flat so I added some thread art and needle felted a lot of the details.
It is really cute!

Sewing Monday last week featured Ellie teaching Stewart how to quilt.  He is an avid learner!

 And last the biggest sign of Spring returning is the return of our little elk herd.  There are 10 is this group that wanders the fields and the ridge above the farm.

.That's it for now! Go out and Create a Great Day!

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