Monday, January 30, 2012

Late Winter Chores

Happy Monday!
Friday was a marathon shearing day.   Saturday was a into town do a bunch of errands and take dinner over to the parents, stuffed pork chops and Dave's pumpkin pie....yummy!
Sunday...back to the chore list...scrape mud out of chicken coop (ewww i hate that job)....install a river(mini aussie) proof half door on chicken coopshop vac all the cob webs out of the eaves in the back of the house, organize the pantry, clean the barn...My barns are cleaner that some peoples houses ;-)  oh and wash and skirt fleeces!!!

I finished the ewes and got two of the boys done! WHEW.  Three more boys to go and winter shear is finished!!!Some pretty awesome fleeces.

Darrell aka bone A gotland Ram, aka bonehead because of the visible horn base on his head...although he is polled.  He likes to lie under the shearing stand when his girls are being I have to walk around his big body..... father of the soon to be 
arriving lambs...starting this week ;-)  We have reservations for 6 meat lambs so far....(sold on the hoof for you to finish    email us if you are interested)
Dannie is a nice little navajo churro ewe that is already bagging up-so I got her fleece
off just in time for the lambs! She has a bit more kemp than I like in her fleece so we will 
see how her lambs look..then maybe add her to the sale list.
I am thinking that *maybe* I should send some of this awesome grey
that I have off of sniffles and moon-two nice navajo churro ewes
out  to my favorite mill and have some roving and yarn done professionally.

O.B. is a Gotland wether.(see my gotlands are Darrell and the Other Brother Darrell..aka O.B.)..and he is huge I had to stand on the shearing stand to shear the top of him otherwise my arms would fall off!!.....I love all the crimp he gives meI can't wait to wash it.....
I washed some Blue face that I sheared on New years. And the previous wash is sure  looking fabulous on the  sheep!

On the drying rack

I did a wash on some mohair that I got from BillyGoat Mountain ranch...
I did not pick it first...that is next...lots of little weeds to pick out...good to do
if I am watching TV..... I am going to felt it on to some of the big sheep and crow like the white ones in the picture above...pretty!

I am reading "The Shack"  pretty enlightening....
Remember Create a Great Day!

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  1. I'm very much looking forward to the day when we have enough land to keep sheep! Looks like you had a very productive week already.