Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Late Winter Shearing Time

It's that time of year...shearing before the lambs arrive starting February 7th!
Slowly working through the ewes..I have three to go and just the rams-whew!
Going to make it in time.   
Some beautiful fleeces are coming off revealing some nicely plump pregnant girls.;-)

Mouse gave me a really nice big dense fleece
and a nice big tummy-I believe she will be first to lamb.....

 Pippa's fleece is shorter than I like but will wash up beautifully for dyeing and felting
 Hilda and Glenda gave me almost identical grey fleeces but true to their names Hilda was a squirmy worm on the shearing stand and Glenda was an angel to shear!

Beth gave me a beautiful curly fleece...as she should she is a blue faced leicester
and she looks to be having twins at least ;-)

I just had to wash half of it already.... going to start using it on my sheep today!~!

Winter has finally arrived...the wet part and the the new roof that we put on the ewe barn this summer
is heaven! And it is finally level inside.....makes my options for lambing jugs much better!

Watch for some of these fleeces on esty soon!
Now go out and Create a great day I am off to do morning chores before I have to go 
to that real job!

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