Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday

The weekend started off with two new ram lamb additions from Sniffles. 
One of which is this little man we will call Chap
because he is wearing little brown chaps on his legs!
also very much a ram lamb, very inquisitive and already pushing on
my hand with his little polled head trying to boss me around.
  We are at 7 ram lambs and  7 ewe lambs so far. 

Hi! I'm Chap, I'm new here!

                             We got all the lambs banded and tagged on Saturday morning. We are waiting on Angel, Kerry and Beth to drop their lambs. Then we can put the dogs back out in the pastures to keep that darned cougar out!

Then I played with some new crafty items that I picked up for merchandising at the Fiber and Craft fairs.
 Jon built me this rustic chalk board so we can list what time we will demo stuff.

I discovered chalk cloth. I have an idea for some reuseable signs for Fiber festival
so we don't have to remake them every year.  I can get this 47" wide from my favorite fabric supplier
I buy my ready to dye wool fabric from them by the bolt.

Then I found these cool little metal chalk boards...and the markers..the chalk markers..they
are a little spendy but they will not come off until you wipe them off.

Now for some adventurous baking.
Last sewing sunday I took on a challenge and made this pineapple breakfast cake
It was a challenge because the recipe was in polish!
My heritage prevailed and I successfully translated and baked the cake
It was Yummy!!

And you all know I am addicted to pinterest. Oh man..I have to limit myself to 15 minutes a day.
Seriously-I can get sucked in!
But I did find and make these recipes yesterday

Red velvet cheesecake brownies...
they were a hit since that is all that is left
after a dinner with four people!

                     get the recipe

And these tiny
lemon sunshine cookies
....they are like a burst of fresh lemon in your mouth!

The last thing that Jon and I made together was a un-stuffed cabbage roll soup that we 
watched on a food network show on Saturday. This is Fantastic.  we made a few changes... We used 1.5 lbs of beef and I only had 3/4 of a cabbage in the fridge and we skipped the puree step..mostly because I just didn't want to-haha.  I was surprised, Dave and Ellie were surprised....It is really hearty and delicious!!!  The lemon juice and the raisins are important to the final taste. While the meatballs were cooking we played our weekend game of cards then enjoyed a fabulous Sunday dinner with all new tastes and desserts!!

Cabbage Soup
Recipe courtesy E and Z Feigenbaum
Total Time:
1 hr 35 min
25 min
1 hr 10 min

·         2 pounds ground meat (or your favorite blend of veal, pork and beef)
·         1 cup uncooked rice
·         1 tablespoon salt
·         1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
·         1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
·         1/2 medium onion, minced
·         2 tablespoons minced garlic (about 3 cloves)
·         2 tablespoons olive oil
·         1 cup coarsely minced onion
·         1 cup thinly sliced carrots
·         1 cup tomato paste
·         1/2 cup brown sugar
·         1/2 cup ketchup
·         One 28-ounce can whole peeled tomatoes with juice
·         Salt and freshly ground black pepper
·         1 medium cabbage
·         1 bay leaf
·         1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
·         1/2 cup golden raisins

  • Sour cream and fresh dill, for garnish


For the meatballs: In a large bowl, combine the ground meat, rice, salt, pepper, cumin and onions. Form into 1-inch balls and set aside while you make the soup.
For the soup: In a 6-quart pot, sweat the garlic in the olive oil until white in color. Add the onions and sweat until translucent. Then add 1 1/2 cups water, the carrots, tomato paste, brown sugar, ketchup and whole tomatoes with juice. Season with salt and pepper and simmer at a lively bubble for 10 minutes. Crush the whole tomatoes with a potato masher or fork. Continue to simmer until the carrots are tender, about 10 more minutes.
Working in batches, transfer the soup to a blender and blend until smooth but not pureed. Return the soup to the pot. Remove the cabbage ribs and cut the leaves crosswise into 1/4-inch ribbons. Add the cabbage to the soup and stir to incorporate. Add the bay leaf and simmer over medium-high heat for 10 minutes more (the cabbage should be reduced in size). Add water to thin the soup to the desired consistency. Add the meatballs and simmer for 25 minutes. Add the lemon juice and raisins 10 minutes before serving.
Ladle the soup into bowls and garnish with sour cream and dill.

Go out and create a great day!!! Maybe bake a little ;-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the weekend started early..with one lamb on the ground 
Now we have 12 and are still waiting on 4 ewes.  The Blues are still
needing to deliver
Kerry and Beth in their "private" barn....cuz they are special!

and two of our churros still need to deliver.
Looks like we will end lambing season with 15 or 16 meat lambs
and only one tragedy. Mary lost both of her lambs ;-(
traumatic for her and for me our first ever still born lambs.
Best guess is one passed due to an injury about a month ago-most
likely during dominance re-establishment after shearing
and this caused and exceptionally hard labor and the second one to pass. I am sad for Mary and for 
the lambs not to mention a loss for the farm.
the nursery



Mouse, two ewe lambs

Pippa and the cutest black and silver Ram

Jon's favorite Glenda's little "wishbone" ewe

To add to the weekend we received these pictures from a neighbors game camera...These were taken the night before the first lamb was born.  According to our calendar it was an extremely active night for the guardian dogs......guess that they are barking at "nothing"  in the woods

They certainly bark at this person that harasses them on 
a daily basis along our fence line. Person should probably remember 
that the fence is NOT the property line and that they
are actually trespassing on our property.
Guess we will just have to help them out with that eh?
what do you all think?
I know I would bark at that intruder too!

Create a great day and be amazing!

Monday, February 13, 2012

We are blessed

  Sometimes you have to stop and count your blessings....
Like when it snows on a Sunday night and a tree falls on not just one fence but two. 
It missed the power lines and the water faucets ;-)
and look at all that firewood.

We are blessed with a beautiful family
with three beautiful daughters that are fully engaged in their own lives
and flying free with wings that were built here on the farm.
We are blessed with many friends and family!
We are blessed with boundless creativity that allows us to problems solve 
and resolve situations like this easily.
we are blessed with good health 
(probably because we work our butts off )
We are blessed to have employment that supports our lives.
We are blessed to have a farm that generates enough income to support itself.

It's good to count your blessings once in a while.
and smile.

Now off for the
Daily Routine:
wake up
be amazing 
go to bed

and we are on lamb watch!

Create a GREAT Day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

4 days early.....

So on a farm your feed bill is not small.  And sometimes you wonder where it all goes so fast.
I mean if you are feeding your stock. Sometimes you discover that you are helping the local wildlife along.  I have come home to deer in my chicken coop eating out of the feeder...wonder what kind of eggs they lay... and skunks, and deer right in with the sheep eating out of the hay feeders in the barn.  Some brazen enough to just go and eat off the bales stacked in the barn. I guess that they feel like they are part of the farm-they sleep up against the fences in the back and have their fawns-I think they feel protected by the guardian dogs. Well we have been burning through the barn cat food like 
mad.  Now we know why-he did not even care that I was in raking. Although I prefer that he eat this rather than my chickens it is still costing us a fortune. Good thing all the animals are up to date on their shots!

Mind if I drop in???
A little caution, that is the toughest, king of the barn cats Mr. Scuzzley

I swear I  will just eat a piece at a time...can't you share?
 And of course there has to be an early bird! Just couldn't wait till Monday.... Ms. Moon had a really nice large black ram with just a few hairs of white on the top of his head. He is a hefty healthy dude.   So all the ewes are safely in the lambing pens being waited on hand and foot by their barn slave-It is pretty funny I open the doors and they go on in, some in the same spot as last year, with a look, "like it's about time for us to get comfortable!"

Create a Great day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl or super Fencing Sunday

     For us it was a superfencing weekend.  Jon has been working on the fence for a new pasture area and finished except for the gate and the interior cleanup.  Hopefully putting the horses in this area will help deter the cougar and coyote traffic.
Meanwhile I worked on lambing pens and re configuring the ewe barn.and gave my arms quite the work out cutting hog-panel to size...that stuff is tough....My options on configuration were good since we finally have a level floor and a dry barn.  It isn't finished but it is fabulous all the same! And I super cleaned and organized. The lambing supplies are all in place, my chair, book all at the ready for the waiting game. It is like Christmas for me.  And we had one of the young dogs in with the ewes.  Our older guardians are OLD and getting these youngsters trained is a good thing.
      Since our due date is next weekend I figure I will put them in their pens around Wednesday..That will give them time to get comfortable..let the 4 am feedings begin!  I love lambing season.  It looks like the blues are on the same schedule...maybe earlier..they are already in their pens getting waited on by their favorite hand maiden...or barn slave... hand maiden sounds better.  They are in with their tram 100% of the time so I have to play it by ear.

I worked on a few presents for a friends new baby....
This Bib was funny modeled by River.....
They were so cute I made a few to have on hand.

I did a few more
""It's hard work raising my parents"
"I 'm glad to be out, I was running out of Womb"
and this one
it's like AA for babies.

Off for morning chores.
Create a great day!