Friday, February 10, 2012

4 days early.....

So on a farm your feed bill is not small.  And sometimes you wonder where it all goes so fast.
I mean if you are feeding your stock. Sometimes you discover that you are helping the local wildlife along.  I have come home to deer in my chicken coop eating out of the feeder...wonder what kind of eggs they lay... and skunks, and deer right in with the sheep eating out of the hay feeders in the barn.  Some brazen enough to just go and eat off the bales stacked in the barn. I guess that they feel like they are part of the farm-they sleep up against the fences in the back and have their fawns-I think they feel protected by the guardian dogs. Well we have been burning through the barn cat food like 
mad.  Now we know why-he did not even care that I was in raking. Although I prefer that he eat this rather than my chickens it is still costing us a fortune. Good thing all the animals are up to date on their shots!

Mind if I drop in???
A little caution, that is the toughest, king of the barn cats Mr. Scuzzley

I swear I  will just eat a piece at a time...can't you share?
 And of course there has to be an early bird! Just couldn't wait till Monday.... Ms. Moon had a really nice large black ram with just a few hairs of white on the top of his head. He is a hefty healthy dude.   So all the ewes are safely in the lambing pens being waited on hand and foot by their barn slave-It is pretty funny I open the doors and they go on in, some in the same spot as last year, with a look, "like it's about time for us to get comfortable!"

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  1. I really miss all of you too! While I'm not lonely (not too lonely anyway) I really miss my creative friends that inspire me. I'm looking forward to seeing those t-shirts.