Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the weekend started early..with one lamb on the ground 
Now we have 12 and are still waiting on 4 ewes.  The Blues are still
needing to deliver
Kerry and Beth in their "private" barn....cuz they are special!

and two of our churros still need to deliver.
Looks like we will end lambing season with 15 or 16 meat lambs
and only one tragedy. Mary lost both of her lambs ;-(
traumatic for her and for me our first ever still born lambs.
Best guess is one passed due to an injury about a month ago-most
likely during dominance re-establishment after shearing
and this caused and exceptionally hard labor and the second one to pass. I am sad for Mary and for 
the lambs not to mention a loss for the farm.
the nursery



Mouse, two ewe lambs

Pippa and the cutest black and silver Ram

Jon's favorite Glenda's little "wishbone" ewe

To add to the weekend we received these pictures from a neighbors game camera...These were taken the night before the first lamb was born.  According to our calendar it was an extremely active night for the guardian dogs......guess that they are barking at "nothing"  in the woods

They certainly bark at this person that harasses them on 
a daily basis along our fence line. Person should probably remember 
that the fence is NOT the property line and that they
are actually trespassing on our property.
Guess we will just have to help them out with that eh?
what do you all think?
I know I would bark at that intruder too!

Create a great day and be amazing!

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