Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl or super Fencing Sunday

     For us it was a superfencing weekend.  Jon has been working on the fence for a new pasture area and finished except for the gate and the interior cleanup.  Hopefully putting the horses in this area will help deter the cougar and coyote traffic.
Meanwhile I worked on lambing pens and re configuring the ewe barn.and gave my arms quite the work out cutting hog-panel to size...that stuff is tough....My options on configuration were good since we finally have a level floor and a dry barn.  It isn't finished but it is fabulous all the same! And I super cleaned and organized. The lambing supplies are all in place, my chair, book all at the ready for the waiting game. It is like Christmas for me.  And we had one of the young dogs in with the ewes.  Our older guardians are OLD and getting these youngsters trained is a good thing.
      Since our due date is next weekend I figure I will put them in their pens around Wednesday..That will give them time to get comfortable..let the 4 am feedings begin!  I love lambing season.  It looks like the blues are on the same schedule...maybe earlier..they are already in their pens getting waited on by their favorite hand maiden...or barn slave... hand maiden sounds better.  They are in with their tram 100% of the time so I have to play it by ear.

I worked on a few presents for a friends new baby....
This Bib was funny modeled by River.....
They were so cute I made a few to have on hand.

I did a few more
""It's hard work raising my parents"
"I 'm glad to be out, I was running out of Womb"
and this one
it's like AA for babies.

Off for morning chores.
Create a great day!

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