Monday, February 13, 2012

We are blessed

  Sometimes you have to stop and count your blessings....
Like when it snows on a Sunday night and a tree falls on not just one fence but two. 
It missed the power lines and the water faucets ;-)
and look at all that firewood.

We are blessed with a beautiful family
with three beautiful daughters that are fully engaged in their own lives
and flying free with wings that were built here on the farm.
We are blessed with many friends and family!
We are blessed with boundless creativity that allows us to problems solve 
and resolve situations like this easily.
we are blessed with good health 
(probably because we work our butts off )
We are blessed to have employment that supports our lives.
We are blessed to have a farm that generates enough income to support itself.

It's good to count your blessings once in a while.
and smile.

Now off for the
Daily Routine:
wake up
be amazing 
go to bed

and we are on lamb watch!

Create a GREAT Day.

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