Monday, May 14, 2012

A Milestone

A whirlwind weekend..we crammed a weekend worth of work into Saturday as we had a BIG event on Sunday.  The cougar has returned and kept us up and vigilant early Sunday Morning!

But I digress... here was the big event of the weekend!!! Alicia Graduated from Willamette University!
What a beautiful day. Stared the day with a brunch hosted by DG, her sorority where Jon became enamored by the chefs talent with the bacon!  Then we met with her adviser in politics, a fellow farmer.Then retired to DG for a little rest before the ceremony....typical graduation a lot of waiting and sitting. Then the event!

 The graduates, led by a procession of bagpipes entered the  tent under a shower of cherry/flower blossoms that were naturally falling in the breeze! It created a magical moment! Some nice motivational speakers and a fabulous performance by an acapella group headband.  Then we retired to Alicia's house for a quick refreshment before our drive home...still saying I can't believe she has already finished her bachelors....Onward to the next phase!!!!

She is pretty happy (that she is done writing essays)   (and HOT) ,,that was really an oven bag in the 90 degree heat

A lot of special people came to watch this once in a lifetime event! Grandma Dawn, her Sister Alex(Patrick) and her sister Mindi(Jim) all the way from Texas and John not to be confused with my other half and her dad Jon...

A special day for a special girl! Woo-hoo we are so proud of you!

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