Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Celebration of the Olympics

 And with all the fiber events coming up.. I have been processing fiber like mad

Saturday I embarked on what was an Olympic dye day for me.
I had yarn sun dyeing

I was really on a mission to dye solid colors for my felting kits!

Turquoise is not the easiest color to achieve

I have dye day surprise PINK
This pink happened to be the steamer leftovers-the dye that escaped into the steamer water
from a full day of work
To get the dye out of my hands I felted a few soaps from some newly dyed churro roving
The fruits on my labor

Felting kits assembled

Ahh and I could not resist-I had to dye some roving for me to spin ;-)

And as if the marathon day of playing with fiber I played some more today

with the lambs

And sheared, wormed and trimmed the feet of the blue faced Leicester girls-and have already started processing their fleeces! They are not too happy with me....

Some side notes:

Fiona has been in the "Diet" pen and is finally starting to slim down 

The garden is in full swing and I am getting ready to start a batch of home canned sauerkruat

Still picking strawberries...YUM

Go out....Be AMAZING and create a great day!

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