Monday, August 27, 2012

Shearing the Rams

A gorgeous morning…time to shear! I started with Tuff and was rewarded with a beautiful variegated grey fleece.. he is also really thin and now going on a new feeding routine… We have moved Fiona back over to the pastures in case her diet routine is causing too much competition for the rams- they all had their feet done, vaccinations updated and worming right on schedule.
tufftuff fleece
Darrell, my gotland ram gave me a nice fleece…he had to talk about his shearing predicament the whole time

O.B. (you know it is darrell and his other brother darrell) my Gotland wether was an angel this year!!!!
IMG_9967ob fleece

Our guardian dog was not impressed by the whole scene….

gotta get on washing those fleeces!!!  Next week the Navajo Churro ewes are on schedule and then it is Breeding time!! Looking for some February Lambs.

Create a great day!

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