Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Typical Tuesday

A beautiful evening...started
by coming home to find two dogs inside the yard
harassing our animals.
The poor Blue faced girls were tired and freaked out.
Chased the dogs out. Then they chased them along the fence line..sigh
 Took about an hour to calm the girls down.Thank goodness
it wasn't too hot or they would have had heat exhaustion from running around so much...
and just lucky the dogs did not go in with them. I have already slid a piece of panel under the 
gate to the road which they dislodged trying to get in.
Dogs are the number one predator of sheep.
Thanking my lucky stars that the chicken coop half door was closed or
we would have had another day of the chicken slaughter like we did about
11 years ago when a neighbors dog came in and killed every single one of the 
chickens....not a pretty sight.
Needless to say our guardians were going ballistic...

Out to feed the churros Mary...wants to know where her "candy" is
That is what Jon calls their nightly special treat of grain, black oil sunflower seeds and a few
other yummies to keep them healthy.

Moons fleece is lovely....shearing will start soon

Tink had a foxtail in her eye and developed an ulceration-
foxtail removed she hates her medicine...
She is nice and shiny,

Mary and her daughter Mouse are like carbon copies...

 Sniffles and that lovely ginger color fleece

Have a great day!

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