Monday, September 24, 2012

Oregon Flock and Fiber weekend

It was girls weekend out celebrating Fiber, Art and of course it started with eating!!

so you think she couldn’t eat all of that german caramel apple pancake?  Ha think again…


I opted for the healthier (ha) egg scramble


And Barb had her standard waffle


We arrived in Canby and have never seen so many cars!!! It is fabulous that the love of Fiber is growing…

Where do we start



Visited with BillyGoat Mountain Ranch prepping the goats for the show…then visited with Tumble Creek Farm to discuss our next acquisitions in breeding stock Bluefaced Leicester…I cannot wait for next June


Color everywhere…ran into people we knew at every turn and met other people from our area that we will have to touch base with again.. fabulous fiber, fabulous products…..


The creep gate that I need


There is that wheel that I told Santa about


Fiber everywhere


I expanded my horizons and purchased some fiber to spin that I have not tried before….and some silk hankies to spin in the fiber...and some colorways that are new…I was in a pink mood…and picked up a really cool felted water bottle holder…you know how those water bottles sweat..and get everything wet…this will help!! and keep that water cold



We headed up to Portland and went to Fabric Depot and then had dinner with some friends…we must have been there a while because our waiter disappeared and never returned…


On Sunday we headed to :


amazing flowers for sale for 10.00


and discovered the most interesting tatting!!!



On Christmas Ornaments





and then I forgot to take more pictures!!

Create an amazing day!



Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Is a day of reflection. Is a day where we are proud to be American.
When someone tried to take it from us.
Where we practice a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs and possess a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people. 

Do you?

Are you?

Do you make each day Amazing?
Do you live each day with Grace?
(disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency, the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful)

Do you Create a Great Day??
When you do unto others is it what you want done to you?

Go out and do it. It is up to you to be happy! It's a choice.

Shearing Saturday

Yippeee!!!! I finished shearing!~
Saturday I sheared my last four ewes. They are probably happy…and on Sunday I added my Ram Darrell in for my February Lambs…he was very happy!


I will be listing these fleeces on ETSY..or email me if you are interested.  virtually zero vegetable matter and well skirted-I skirt as I shear an toss what I would not want to work with!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Shearing Room Floor

 Is littered with unusable fleeces.  sigh.shrrm flr

I was right on time with shearing, which is an amazing feat but the weird weather we have had this summer had me beat.  Next year I will plan a month earlier shearing date. The fleeces will be shorter but nicer.   The ends of Serta’s gorgeous fleece were totally felted. (the white one under the stand) I was able to save most of Gingers:


and Pippa’s fleece was beautiful but dirty…no VM but will wash



Mary and Mouse I was able to save 90% of their fleeces

 The great news is that the ewes are in great condition for breeding-which means my pastures are finally in order and can only get better!!!  More manure spreading and more seed. More foxtail control and thistle digging.  They have been on pasture only since the beginning of May with a 1/2 pound a day all breed protein feed (it is their candy) Feet look good!

I have four girls to go and they may have to wait until next week as I had a small hoof shears accident and sliced two of my fingers pretty well when ginger decided she did not want to have her rear feet clipped.  Ha just because I was bleeding did not mean that she got out of the stand early!!!  A couple of bandaids and back to work…… but they are pretty sore today….I may finish today…

    My prelit wall christmas trees arrived!!! new display trees for the craft booth! 4 feet tall and flat on one side… very cool  I cannot wait to use them!~


well time for chores…create an amazing day