Monday, December 3, 2012

December Begins

With the North Valley County Christmas Bazaar.  It was a blast!  What a Fun show-meeting new people seeing old friends, visiting vendors that we only get to see once a year.  The show has grown so big that we are all hoping we can get the high school to go for a two day show!   Ahhh and the chicken tortilla soup was fantastic as usual!  The unusual thing is that it was raining-first time ever it has rained on the day of this show-it is usually the first chilly frosty day of winter….not this year it rained. A LOT
This is what the approach to our bridge over the creek looked like yesterday morning

The creek grew bigger than its banks and took a side route
Looking to the right from the bridge
and to the left…yep… a little bit of water moving through

Our lower property had a bit of water…the draw was full and if it would have kept raining it probably all would have gone under…including the well-whew,…it stopped for the day giving the land a chance to drain.You can see the Actual creek way in the back of the picture….what is in the front is the draw….we have been working on soil building down here and it looks like it is starting to hold really well during these events. Hopefully in the next couple years we will have enough soil and graze to get the sheep down in here…there is the matter of fencing this draw so it does not get destroyed in events like this…..the 20 year plan.
Got he barns cleaned and restrawed, redirected the small stream that decided to run down the middle of big stall of the main barn.. between the rubber matting…the chickens were happy to get out into the sun…
Made  sugar free cheesecake
Then we watched men in black three with friends so I worked on plying some drop spindled super wash Blue faced Leicester-its pretty the pic does not do it justice
And started on a really bright colorway…FUN!!!
Then we took advantage of a friends and family sale in Medford and got most of the Christmas shopping finished….wahoo… a full weekend…now back to work to rest!!!
Create a great day!

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