Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Felt Like It

Catching up!!!!
Sometimes it feels like I am doing that every day... We are waiting for Churro x Gotland lambs (think tastiest lamb ever!!!!)....still,
From the date he went in with the ewes we were due on January 25th...wll he must have taken his time....because we are still waiting!!!!  I think the ladies just like getting waited on hand and foot and extend it as long as they can.  

 The valleys have been really foggy so going into town is somewhat depressing....The rain is on a temporary delay so things are drying out a little

I have been felting a lot....why because I FELT like it.

Custom Angora goat

a whimsical cat

Custom border collie

a custom order viking

a prince and his would be queen

a Custom cat

silly Kangaroo

 I have been spinning like a fiend every evening..working on about 2.5 lbs of this beautiful merino and bamboo fiber~!

I finally sheared Miss Rosie, the miracle lamb and she gave me a beautiful fleece.  We know now what a miracle that she is. She was a c-section lamb last year because the vet *thought* her mother Beth  had ring womb.  We know now that it was pregnancy toxemia. and she was in early labor....we know this because sadly ..we lost Beth her and her 4 lambs two weeks ago to the same thing.  The lambs were three weeks to early to save and despite some heroic efforts we lost her too.  Rosie we figure was 2 weeks early last year and we tube fed her for a  week before she could actually stand. She is still a little on the small side for a yearling.  Hopefully she will be able to produce lambs with out the metabolic disorder that her momma had.  I am not giving up on my BFL's as many learning curves that they have thrown at us!!!  Compared to my Navajo Churros they are high maintenance.

Isn't she cute in her lambie-jammies?

I cannot wait to process this fleece!!!!
Kerry is in the last two weeks of her pregnancy and I am watching her like a hawk-hovering...these BFL's are precious to me!

So the barns are clean already this morning, I am going to work in the studio for a while and then maybe start pruning the fruit trees before the superbowl starts...gotta watch those commercials and get some spinning in today!  

go on out and create a great day!!!

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