Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's about time

You know we often get asked how do you guys do it? Get it all done? Full time work, the farm, the etsy shop, the craft shows? 

Well, it's easy, really.  We just do it!  We love what we do. We love each other, and our amazing children and their families and the success they have achieved in their lives.  We are happy.

  Then there is Partnership, teamwork and time management. We have clearly defined goals and work hard to achieve them.  Pretty much work on a schedule.. And each have clearly defined daily tasks. Even our fun time is scheduled way in advance.  If a wrench is thrown in to our lives we deal with it then move on and don't let it ruin anything!

(and trust me there are some people who are obsessed.. Really really really pathologically obsessed with trying to mess up our dreams)
So if you have a dream.. Do it... It isn't going to come to you. Life is far too short to be in a bad mood...

So go out and create a great day!

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