Monday, March 30, 2015

A "berry" Good Weekend

What a fabulous spring weekend.
Friday evening brought some
pretty gusty winds and an old tree broke off in with the 
rams and landed on the
Since the weather was fabulous
we got in and did a super clean-getting a nice big burn pile ready..

Then  I relaxed the rest of the day and got all of the 
new color sheep dressed and ready for listing
at the etsy shop (
on Sunday Morning 
Then I could not resist working in the garden
Blueberry bushes on the left weeded and top dressed
with coffee grounds-they love love love acid
soil so we save our coffee grounds and feed the berries.
re purpose everything!
strawberry bed, added some soil building compost to help with our clay soil..and look! room for more plants
The Raspberries are coming on strong!!

Swiss Chard has been tasty in my  morning smoothies

 The Peas are ready to climb and the chives are growing like....Anyone need any garlic chives? I need to clear out the ones that are growing outside the bed..

Rhubarb loves its new home

My volunteer patch of Chard and parsley

Sunday, my teeswater ram did not reproduce 
on the ewe that I gave him last fall...;-(

But he is sure producing some lovely fleece
almost ready to shear

we keep em safe mom!

Ronan and Mckenna (BFL) ram just hanging out

Everything is starting to grow like crazy
I can't wait till my perennials start flowering...
I learned last year that the deer leave the digitalis alone...

Meanwhile over at the ewe barn.....they grazed in the kill zone yesterday..we reseeded it last fall and it needs a mow to develop the root bases, I hate putting them in that pasture with all the is where we have the most cougar only while we are home...with fingers crossed...there were two llamas killed a mile away and a goat on pleasant creek about 5 days ago....sigh..I worry every morning as I count sheep...

Create a Great Week!

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