Friday, March 13, 2015

Farm Like a Girl

I farm like a girl.  Do you?
So what does that mean?
It means that I pull my sweats on over my
pink sheepie pajamas to do a 1 am barn check for lambs.

Angelessy and her lambs

It means that I stop at the ewe barn on the way to the house before or after
work dressed in my work clothes (usually a skirt....) shuck off my dress shoes
slip into a pair of muddy farm shoes and feed my girls.
Sometimes I rake the sacrifice area in my skirt.
Why not?
Those clothes wash.

Lamb season the busiest best dirtiest hardest working months  of the year

Sometimes I feed in my jammies and robe with a cup of coffee in my hand.
They don't care what I look like ;-)

Cocoa and her lamb

I get dirty. Really, Really dirty.
mucking out the barn, assisting a ewe with lambing
gardening, weed eating , shearing.  So what...I wash.

Peppers girl Serana

 It means I like my barns clean and organized (sometimes cleaner
than the house) I like everything to run smooth and with a clear purpose
and on a schedule.

just cuteness
I cherish every life brought to the farm, whether it be to supply food for the table or wool or breeding stock for the next generation.  I cry over every life lost. 

Gibbs and Ronan they protect the Rams
 I fight to keep my farm safe from predators (wild animal and unfortunately human)

I work then I work hard,  It feels right and it feels good.

Its going to be a busy farm weekend here....hopefully the last two ewes will lamb, annual spring farm vet visit, creep feeder set up. ewe barn mucked out and restrawed....oh and it is supposed to rain...oh well chores go on..because
I farm.....
Do you farm like a girl?

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  1. Not me but I do enjoy hearing about you farming like a girl.