Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Sunday was a lazy rainy day....for the sheep.  
We had to run errands, Visit Jons Mom who is having a little stay
in the hospital. I found time to hang in the barn and shoot lamb pics
Flynn (angelessy x mckenna)
The lamb lounge is in place on the right in the next picture (creep feeder) with its unending supply of sweet lamb feed...they haven't figured it out yet but I have no doubt that they will.....The ewes like to think they can get through those creep feeder bars and try to squeeze in.....try but cannot....

its more fun to eat Bella and Wilmas hay

Its raining so the LGD hang out in the barn too...especially Kya...she prefers to stay dry
 I sat down and was surrounded by curious lambs
as of Sunday at 11:30 pm we are up to 18 lambs. There are 12  
  registered BFL lambs so far...Bella still needs to lamb.  There will be a bunch of rams for sale. Most will be ready by Mid-May as well as some nice feeder lambs (gotland churro bfl crosses).

Luis (aka hoe handle) (Maize x Xtra)

I haven't decided who is staying and who will be for sale. I need to see how purly the fleeces start out.  We have some really nice diverse BFL genetics that will round out a flock!   

Mckendry, Luis and Ancho

Luis is such a bucky ram..and he knows it

Itsy and Latte (gotland churro bfl)

Rhody (Poppy x Mckenna)

Mckendry (Mazie x Mckenna)
I simply love this girl

One of Dots girls (Churro x Gotland x bfl mule)

Sultan (Aine x Xtra) and Dots girl

churro x bfl  Mouses boy 

Jeannie (Mazie x Mckenna)

Rhett (Aine x Xtra)

Create a great day!!!

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